Hi There!

Let me show you what keeps me ticking.


They always say “a picture says more than a 1000 words” and it’s true. I love taking pictures, at home, with friends or on the road during one of my travels. You have always something to look back to, but don’t forget enjoy the moment as well!

Media design

For over 15 years I’m designing websites, printmedia and all kinds of other cool items. Creating something that’s visual appealing is a must nowadays. I always try to keep up with the latest trends.


I love to travel and I do so as much as possible. Visiting one of the big cities in Europe for a day or traveling around the world, it’s a mind opening exploration and something no one can take from you.


About me;

Hi my name is Leon de Graaff born in 1988 and I’ve always been one of the more creative type people. I’m someone who sees options, not problems. From when I was a small child I’ve always been into costumes (cosplay), which is a incredibly wonderful world to be in. Till this day I still wear costumes, mainly from the Star Wars universe.

When I was 14 I found out you could create awesome graphics on the computer with pictures from the internet, this started my career as a designer, now almost 15 years later I have my own company (in creating designs for websites and print media) and this keeps me alive, who would have known?! Besides the work I do, I love to travel and I try to do it as many times as possible. Not every trip is big, but just being a day in Oslo or go to Paris for breakfast is incredibly fun to do.

I hope you will enjoy my different types of content, you can always contact me for work or any info about my travel destinations.


Capability of loving cats
Capability of drinking coffee
Capability of NOT TAKING myself TOO SERIOUS

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